Principal Bios

ECCO offers customized market design services, market analysis and short and long-term market forecasting services to clients who wish to stay ahead of the fast evolving energy marketplace.

Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos Ph.D., President and CEO

President and founder of ECCO International, Inc., an energy consulting company that provides consulting services and expert advice on electricity market design, power systems, energy management systems and software issues within and outside the U.S. to a wide range of clients such as regulators, governments, utilities, independent system operators and regional transmission organizations, power exchanges, marketers, brokers and software vendors.  ECCO International is currently involved in various energy restructuring projects around the world including North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

Prior to forming ECCO International in 1998, Alex was a director of PG&E's Electric Industry Restructuring Group in San Francisco, California.  In that capacity he became heavily involved in all aspects of the California restructuring from defining the market rules, drafting filings for the FERC, designing market protocols, developing functional specifications, and working with the software solutions vendors to implement operational and business software to support the California markets.  He has an extensive background in power systems design, simulation, analysis and computational techniques with specialization in grid and merchant functions, pricing, power systems operations, power generation, transmission planning, transmission and power contracts, system dynamics and real time control.  He has made substantial contributions in the areas of network grid optimization and pricing, ancillary services, congestion management, competitive bidding, forward and real-time energy markets and implementation of EMS applications and real time control functions and forecasting in a utility environment. click here for full bio »

Mr. David F Perrino, Vice President and COO

Mr. Perrino has thirty (30) years of electric utility experience primarily in the operation of large-scale bulk power systems. Along with his significant experience managing power system and market operations, Mr. Perrino has been responsible for and has successfully managed, coordinating and filing interventions and comments with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and State Public Utility Commissions. He has considerable experience leading development and implementation of software projects and has an extensive track record of getting tasks completed on time and within budgetary constraints. click here for full bio »